The Start: Design phase of my SharePoint site

Last night I sat playing with ideas in my head. I need a design that is both pretty and functional. I landed up with two starts to a site. Here was my first attempt, but I lost interest. Too many sites play on the “sunset” theme and as it can be pretty, it didn’t hit a note with me:

Not sure what you think? I will continue to play with it to make it more real. I have another idea which I will start this week to play into this colour theme.

My second one the simple, yet effective I think – As you can see I like the fixed middle width with expanding side columns to fit any screen. This design still sits nicely with me 🙂 what do you think?

These are still in the very early stages. As i work on them I will blog the progress and then at the end we will take a vote to see which grabs you the most.

The core design elements I used:

1. Fixed “middle” column (content) – I always use this as it makes a site fit any screen, and also from a graphics point of view you won’t have “dead stops” (when the screen is more than your design)

2. Fix range of colours. I do not like going “retro” with my colour choices. for me it is an eye sore.

3. Fixed ribbon – I design the top ribbon so it is always visible, even when you scroll down the page.

Give me two days and the next set will be up, but what do you think so far?

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