Cheat Sheet: SharePoint Style

There are a few things that when you are designing a site (specially an internet facing one) that you have to do, and always forget how to (well, I do), such as Hiding the ribbon from anonymous users. This post is my Cheat Sheet for such events. I hope you find it useful 🙂 I will update with posts as I go. I know these things seem ‘silly’ to post, but it can save you some Bing time 🙂

1. Hiding the Ribbon from anonymous users

Find thes4-ribbonrow” tag and wrap it in the below code.

1 <SharePoint:SPSecurityTrimmedControl PermissionsString="ManagePermissions" runat="server">
2 <div id="s4-ribbonrow" class="s4-pr s4-ribbonrowhidetitle">
3 <!-- Ribbon code appears here... -->
4 </div>
5 </SharePoint:SPSecurityTrimmedControl>

2. Hide the Quick Launch Bar and move the content to the left

The simplest way is to use the CEWP trick that worked even back in 2003, just add a the Web Part add the style text in the HTML Source mode:

/*--Hide Quick Launch --*/

3. Adding a Style Sheet that overrides core4.css

Add this between  your <head </head> tags:

<SharePoint:CssRegistration name=”/Style Library/sitename/style.css” After=”corev4.css” runat=”server”/>

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