Heather Solomon’s SharePoint 2010 CSS Chart

Every one who is in SharePoint branding knows of Heather Solomon. She is our leader.  For SharePoint 2007, she was my personal life saver with her CSS Chart and I had it printed by my monitor. Her blog posts, information and guidance is the reason I got through many a difficult day in branding. And she has done it again with her SharePoint 2010 CSS Chart. Bookmark It, Print It and keep it close, as it will save you many and hour when you are branding your site.

You can view her chart here.

“The following CSS Reference Chart highlights the major styles used in SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010. CSS styles are grouped by area of the page and include the class/ID value, an explanation of how it is used in SharePoint and other related information including a screenshot where appropriate. Code (and file location) for the style statement is included.”

And below her opening paragraph she takes you through each of the important CSS classes that make up a site. Branding is so much easier when you have a guide, and Heathers’ is the best of the best.


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