4 Themes to Help Out

I created these 4 themes whilst I was playing with colour combinations. They are free for you to use as you please, and I hope they help spice up your SharePoint site a bit 🙂 You can see how to upload themes and the site logo (or company logo) here in one of my previous posts

I am sorry I haven’t blogged in so long my SharePoint Machine is undergoing a Hard Drive recovery after a nasty crash.

The Blue Sky Theme

This is a variation of SharePoints’ vanilla colour scheme. It is a white based theme. I used Adobes’ Kuler site to help me find the right combinations. You can download the theme here:  Blue Sky Theme . This is a good theme to use for an intranet site, or a team site. It is very easy on the eye like SharePoints vanilla theme but adds a touch of spice with the deeper blues.

The Summer Orange Theme

This theme is a festive one, using different shades of orange to brighten up any site. It is a white based theme. I am currently using this theme for a small project site, and it works very nicely. If your company uses orange as part of its’ corporate identity, then this theme will look wonderful and match nicely with the logo.   You can download the theme here: Summer Organe Theme

The Jamais Theme

I found a lovely colour combination on Kuler and decided to make a funky theme with it, the colour palate is called Jamais . This is a white based theme. Though this theme is not professional with its’ varying colours,but I think it is really fun. A friend of mine is using this theme for a project document storage site. It break the norm, and if you get bored with the normal “CI” colours of your site, you can use this theme for a sub site. You can download the theme here: The Jamais Theme

The Mori Theme

I wanted to create a Black theme, and I found this colour combination called Momento Mori. I loved the different shades of purple, and it looks really great as a blog theme. Some times, you just want something completely different. It is very bright and bold, which is one of the reason I love it. You can download the theme here: The Mori Theme



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