Request-a-Theme: Howest, SBW, Smiley Face Store

Gene and Veronique requested themes for their sites when I wrote the “Request-a-Theme” post. So here they are. I was not able to test them, and I am sure there will be requested changes, but I want to show every one how I got to the colour schemes that I did.


Here is the site that Gene sent me to:

Top of the Howest Site
Top of the Howest Site
Top of the Howest Site
The Howest Site: Scrolled down

This is a very colourful site, but I didn’t want to over power the theme. So I used a mix of green, blue and purple (as a trio they work very well) as they are all represented on the main page. I would use yellow but it doesn’t mix very well, or show up well as text or a line. This theme is white based with light 2 being a very subtle grey. You can download the theme here:  Howest Theme


SBW Site

The SBW site is currently using the vanilla theme for SharePoint. I looked at the greens and blues in the logo, and the colours Veronique chose for the links and Headings and used different variations of that in the theme.  The logo has a very very light cream background so I used this as Light 2 so that the logo sits well in the banner area, as their background colours will be the same. I also wanted it to be bright and eye catching, so I used solid greens and blues. You can download the theme here: SBW Theme

SBW Theme


This was a request from Mary. Quite a tough one as the main colour of a smiley face is yellow. So I went to google images to see what else I could find, and I found this (quite well known) image . Yellow compliments blue very nicely, and so with this in mind I popped onto Kuler to see what others had come up with. I did a search for “yellow” and for “smiley” and found two very nice templates.

Smile! - a well known smiley face image
Kuler "Brian" Theme
Kulers "Smiley Face" theme

With so many colour options, I came up with three themes.

The Smiley Picture theme is based on the Smiley face picture. You can download it here: The Smiley Picture Theme

Theme based on the Smiley Face Picture

This theme is based on Kulers “Brian” colour palate. You can download the theme here: The Smiley Brian Theme

The Smiley Brian Theme

This theme is based on Kulers Smiley Palate. You can download it here: The KulerSmiley Theme

The Kuler Smiley Theme



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