CSS renders differently in IE8 depending on your OS

A friend of mine skyped me this brilliant article by GreyWyvern.com on how IE8 will render your CSS differently depending on what OS you have installed, and what service packs. It is insane. Poor form on Microsofts behalf but also explains why I had such trouble a little while ago at one of my clients.

You can view the full article here: IE8: Same version equals different rendering?

IE8: Same version equals different rendering?

In what amounts to further evidence that linking the browser against the operating system is a Bad Idea, I came across this fun issue which affects installations of IE8 residing on Windows XP service pack 2 (SP2).

At this link is an absolutely positioned unordered list (<ul>) which has been given the CSS clip property: clip:rect(0px, 1000px, 1000px, 0px). In plain English, the clip rule says: Clip the top and left edges of the element right to the box border (0px), and allow things to extend out of the element up to 1000 pixels on the right and bottom sides before clipping.




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