[Humour] Lessons learnt when working late, and on deadline.

This was written by me in 2008 at 4am. I laughed when I read it again today.  I was working as a tester for a web application company. We were on our 4th night of working late with very little sleep. I still laugh.

1. When ordering dinner, make sure that you are seated in a closed room, where the rest of your team cannot scream out random words to confuse you and the mr delivery person

2. Hide the coffee after 12, it gets ugly.

3. Hide the stress balls, specially the seed filled ones, also find out where the vacuum cleaner is.

4. When looking for a developer – your best bet is either under a desk, or down stairs under the bar counter (we have a bar at work)

5. Don’t order lasagne. Because you will get like two bites of it. Lasagne is a favorite amongst over worked developers

6. Microwave pop corn and 4 bars of chocolate can get you a clean database and working code when you bribe the right person.

7. Hide your blankie. Devs like blankies.


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