When .selected goes rogue – help request

I offered to help a fellow SharePointier out, and had a look at her top link bar – and more importantly, why the class .selected doesn’t work. This is more common thank you think – and is an issue I struggle with, with every site I make.  And Tasha’s problem has me floored. So here it is.

Go to Tash’s site : http://www.hrssug.org/TashasSpot
You will see Home is selected. Click SharePoint, it will refresh and show you her SharePoint page, and the top nav link is selected.
Now click Food & Drink. It moves you to that page but the top nav link is not selected, but for some reason SharePoint IS selected. If you click Home and then back to Food & Drinks, SharePoint will be selected not Food & Drinks.

I used Web Dev Tools to check the selected links – and then when I moved to Food and drink – I checked that class: no selected class.
I changed the order of the menu – so I moved Food & Drink to order 2, and presto! Food & Drink now shows the selected class when selected.

So we know that the first two top nav links show selected and the rest done. Why? and How do we fix it?


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