Winson Wolf’s World Map – CSS and JQuery Magic

I got to work with Winston Wolf’s Clickable World Map today – a serious marvel of CSS and JQuery. It is free, and so I thought I would share it with you – my way of getting more people to use it, and to get Mr Wolf some exposure for his other clickable maps (he has all continents – brilliant for Office locations and such). You can tailor the PSD’s to suit your needs, and the basic workings of the map is very well documented and thought out. I was having a bit of an issue, and so I emailed him. Within an hour I had a response, and answer and two hours after than I was good to go to. It slotted brilliantly into my SharePoint page – no JavaScript errors, no fuss, no troubleshooting (which is unusual for SP2010 responsive design!) For me the greatest part was the responsiveness. You all know me as the poster child for responsive design, and being able to just slot the map in without the hours of pixel pushing according to media queries was a dream.

Give it a shot – you will be seriously impressed. Even the maps JQuery is well thoughts out – neat and encoded. His twitter is @winstonwolf_pl

Responsive Clickable JQuery and CSS Map








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